Cannot install

I created the patchstick and put on my Apple TV, but when I plug the power back in, I see a screen with a symbol like “no smoking” but without the cigarette, and the apple logo with the screen greyed out.
Nothing happens. Any idea?
I am using 2GB Sandisk Titanium without U3, as shown in the that this USB works.
let me know…thanks

Does pressing the VOL DOWN (—) and MENU buttons get the AppleTV to restart itself and give you an option to Restore it? I think the prohibited sign means it can not find the OS on the AppleTV. Let me know if you can get it to restore or not.

Yes, I can restore it like you mentioned. My Apple TV goes to the main menu normally after booting using the USB (after the prohibited sign)

Sorry, I did not carefully read all the instruction because of some excitement. Therefore, i copied the aTV to my “Applications” folder. All good now. Thanks.