Cannot install many extras

ATV2 brand new
4.4.4 freshly untethered and jailbroken, and ATV Black 1.1.1
Jailbreak went ok, could install Nito and XBMC but not other extras.
I tried to install btstack from nitotv, getting error there
Then I tried to install Couch Surfer or Remote Hd, always getting installation failed -the log tells me I have to configure manually dpkg-a or e
Any hint?

Hi There, I am having a similar issue, Updated to 4.4.4 and used Season pass to Jailbreak. Everything went OK.

Installed ATV Black 1.1.1 and he’d to run twice to get it to show up, Then no extras would appear. RE-Run a third time and extras showed up but fails on install on most or crashes ATV and freezes.


Will try a complete restore of ATV later and re-eun Season pass and ATV Black1.1.1, will advise how this goes…