Cannot get my home videos and movies to appear in a folder

If there is only one video inside the folder then infuse automatically collapses the folder and shows just the video file. Perhaps that is what you are seeing?

Sorry but I’m not understanding what you’re wanting to see.

Have you tried changing the Infuse Setting on the Apple TV under General for " List View " to grid? That’s one way to change the way your files are displayed.

There are multiple files in each folder.

Yup - tried that.

The folders appear correctly in both the Plex desktop app and Infuse.
The folders appear correctly in Apple tv for Plex, but not Infuse.

Multiple videos or just multiple files? Can you show a screenshot of the files in one of these folders.

This is from the Plex desktop (movies folder/Bourne)

and the same for Infuse

this is how they look in my external drive

Yup IMO a fundamental issue I have with Infuse’ default display process especially with Plex in the loop. We too have movies with a number of special folders. All of them are in the ‘Movies’ folder with subfolders for some such as, Chick Flix, Animated, Star Wars etc… followed by the rest that are not in sub folders. The solution for me was to use a SMB share pointed to the Movies folder and bypass Plex altogether.

Btw: create a simple file called ‘folder.jpg’ and put it in each of these sub-folders. I added some text and color to each them.

I’m not sure I understand the issue you are seeing.

The images of Infuse you have posted appear to match what Plex is showing, which matches up with your folders.

Can you elaborate on what you are hoping to see in Infuse?

So is it just infuse on Apple TV that has the issue?

Exactly - the Infuse display in Apple tv.

@james you are correct, but it’s the Infuse display in Apple tv that is “wrong” as @munpip214 said.

@schlotz, thanks for your suggestion. My experience in “shares” etc isn’t very much so I’d not have a clue as to what to do in macos.

I’ve been thinking that the only solution to ths issue is to use TV Shows as a basis for my Movies and Home Videos libraries and use the Plex method of naming TV shows for each file. As those appear correctly on Apple tv it should work. I shall experiment and report back. Thanks again.

Can you show a screenshot or picture of what you see on the Apple TV?

This is the top level menu in Infuse

This is what I see when I open the Home Videos folder. Just list of all the files that are within the (non-showing) folders.

I’m not sure, but it sounds like you have separate folders each of these items (Angles, Anglesey May 2016, BBC Regional News: Look North, etc…). Is that right?

If these folders contain a single item, then they will most likely be displayed as individual videos instead of folders. However, based on your screenshot, it appears Plex is doing the same thing. EG ‘Angels’ is showing as a 7min video with a poster.

Actually I have multiple files in each folder @james - here is the file structure (NB the Angles file was an error which I’ve now renamed)
Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 02.48.29
this is how Plex shows it (via Apple tv)

and how Infuse shows it (via Apple tv)

Thanks for sticking with me.

So I’m guessing that my request is impossible. Sigh/

Since Plex is listing these items as part of the library these will not be displayed in folders, as Infuse does not access folder data from Plex.

However, if you connect without Plex you should be able to see these folders.

You can also follow this thread for updates in this area.

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Thanks @james BUT I should point out that Infuse DOES access folder data from Plex for TV Shows to make a “season” appear in a folder. I did try creating a new TV shows folder in Plex and putting in one of my Home videos folders having applied the Plex convention on naming them S01E01 etc, but strangely that one didn’t show in Infuse at all.

I’ll copy part of this into the helpful thread above.

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