Cannot get manual tagging to work

I have videos that do not show up correctly (or are not listed) in the databases Infuse uses. I used MetaX to tag – trying both TV Show and film. The tags I created on these MP4s show in VLC and ITunes, but do not get recognized in Infuse. What happens seems to vary. For example: I put metadata for a fake film onto an MP4 – I called it “Citizen Ralph Malph.” I added a poster image, actors, etc. In Infuse, the film name and genre and comments show up, but not the poster image.or cast. When I click the edit button, it shows no matches and no option to fix manually. I tried a fake TV show with tags. This time it found a match in the database (obviously an incorrect one!), and I was able to edit to use embedded metadata, but again the image and cast were incorrect. So – how do I get a full set of embedded metadata to show? The image being wrong is the biggest issue.

If you want to use the embedded image you would need to enable the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option in Infuse, though enabling this will enable it for all files.

An alternative would be to place a jpg/png with the same name alongside the video. This will work with or without the embedded metadata option enabled.