cannot get ifaith shsh dump for atv 4.4.3

hi everyone,

I am trying to get the shsh ifaith dump blobs for a apple tv 2 with version 4.4.3 (3323) and not having any luck.  I have tried using ifaith version 1.5.6 and 1.5.8 on at least 3 different systems and each time, during the upload to ibec, I get the following error message.

iFaith:v1.5.8 - An invalid response was received from the device! Response:

It shows “Validating stuff with Apple TV 2” then ifaith will crash and I have to manually end the process on ifaith.

I have tried the following things:

  1. tried ifaith versions 1.5.6 and 1.5.8 on 2 pc desktops and 1 pc laptop
  2. tried having power cord connected and not connected.  tried connecting power cord only when it reaches upload to ibec
  3. tried having itunes opened and closed during the dumping process
  4. restarted system
  5. tried 2 different micro usb cables
  6. tried different usb ports on the systems
Is it possible for shsh blobs to be obtained from this 4.4.3 version  has anyone else had this problems?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

is it a jailbroken 4.4.3? try Tiny Umbrella whether  it shows your connected device & show device model, serial, ecid & installed firmware version & click “save SHSH”

then try ifaith again to save the blobs

when i was at 4.4.2 jailbroken & thethered,  itried saving the 4.4.2 blobs with ifaith and also failed.


No, it has never been jail broken before at all.  I did try to use the latest Tiny Umbrella and it does show the device information but when I clicked Save SHSH, it found 0 shsh files to cache.


Caching shsh files…

Found [0] shsh files to cache…

Cached [0] shsh files
Am I stuck with this 4.4.3 version? 


You have the option of going to the latest 5.2.1 firmware as long as you do not mind the jailbreak being a tethered one.

Using iFaith should work however in my experience it is all about the timing and closing iTunes.

Timing on pressing remote buttons is tricky - my best luck is when I release or press when the next set of numbers just pops up on the screen.

Always close iTunes instantly when iTunes pops up. Place the curser over where the “X” pops up to close the window and have your finger ready to click your mouse to close it instantly if possible.