Cannot FTP or SFTP connect to my aTV 2


Wireless network, I can ping my aTV from my PC (XP OS), I have a IP adress for the aTV, network test on the aTV runs ok, what is the friggin problem? I ve tried Filezilla and Cyberduck…


Filezilla: “Connection established, waiting for welcome message”,



Cyberduck “Bad DNS” - “No such host exists”


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Have you tried this?

Go into settings and get the IP of the box, then use the IP to connect instead of AppleTV.local

Yes, I have tried both IP adress and AppleTV.local, doesnt work.

The default name of the ATV2 will actually be ‘Apple-TV.local’ but this can be changed through the Settings --> General --> Apple TV name menu.

Full details on connecting to the ATV2 can be found here.