Cannot flash my ATV

Hello all,

I’ve just purchased aTV Flash and proceed to installation. however, when going to Part 2 of installation, it doesn’t work. I don’t know if I’m doing it properly, so below is what I did :

  • create USB flashdrive (ok)
  • reset ATV to factory settings
  • update ATV to latest version (at this stage, it asked me if I wanted to install right now. I said yes. It then proceeded to update of ATV software)
  • unplug ATV
  • plug Flashdrive
  • plug ATV
    and …

nothing ! I mean if we except the normal ATV reboot.

Did I miss something ?

thanks for your help

It sounds like a flash drive compatibility issue. Do you have an alternate drive you can use?

thanks ! you were right.
I change to another USB memory and it works well.