Cannot Flash AVT 1st Gen


Trying to upgrade my 1st Gen to 4.3. It failed so i reset to factory settings
using menu and - then restore factory defaults.
I then downloaded again atv flash, ran the exe it downloaded files that it
needed. I created the USB pendrive.
Switched ATV off, inserted USB switched on and FC update started.
I then get a successfl message and reboot
now when it boots up
I have the priginal ATV menu system, no nito etc
If i try going into the mainenance menu ann apple logo comes up and all i see
then is the same menu system I cannot actually go into the mintenance menu

I have factory reset and redownloaded ATV Flsh so many times now and still
cannot get it to work

I hope you can help


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Which version of AppleTV software are you running? The version info can be found in the Settings --> General --> About menu.

aTV Flash requires version 3.0 or later.

Base ATV is V1

I was able to install previous ATVF on this