Cannot find metadata in list even though it exists in tvdb

Sorry if this was already talked about (I looked trough the metadata 101 and couldn’t find the answer)
I also looked for Adding inside ‘Season 1’ folder but that didn’t helped either

So my issue is that I cannot find metadata of " Digimon Adventure (2020)"

I can easily find it on thetvdb (デジモンアドベンチャー: - but it is not listed inside infuse

Maybe there is a way to add it by thetvdb id?


It also might be related that inside tvdb it has “:” in title as a last symbol.

What do you think?

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Can you provide a sample of how you have one of the episode files named?

I tried “Episode 40” and “1-40” but I don’t hope that infuse will find metadata automatically.
I’m talking about the manual metadata list
(also if it helps I tried both manual metasearches on Apple tv, iOS and mac beta)

It would help to see the way you have an episode named. The full file name.

Well the episode had full name in a first place, but for some reason the auto matching meta data finds “The office us”

Just to be clear - does infuse still use or they switch to another db?

If you don’t post an example of how you have the full file name of an episode I’m not really able to take a wild guess as to what is causing the problem.

There are MANY mistakes people make when naming files that will cause TVDB to NOT match or show options so seeing how you have a file named will help fix your problem.

I tried:
Digimon Adventure (2020) - 40.mkv

But as I mentioned before I don’t hope it auto matches.

I went to manual meta search, entered exact title and cannot find the result (you can see the same search results for any tv show)

Here is image of mac version (but the same happens on other devices)

In this case when you add the year Infuse will look to TMDB for a movie instead of TVDB for a TV show. Occasionally a TV show will require a year but that is the exception not the rule.

If you name the files as in this example Infuse will find the correct metadata without having to even do a edit on the metadata.
Digimon Adventure File Names

I just tested it and it pulled all artwork and metadata perfectly without me having to even do an edit.

Here’s what ATV Infuse shows for this.


yeah that’s what I didn’t understood about the years.

You’re welcome, usually the only time a TV show will need the year is if it is a reboot or remake of an existing TV show and the name doesn’t change. That’s when adding the year will usually find the right one.

Glad you’re up and good on this one now.


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