Cannot find Metadata from TMDb

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I’ve had this issue the last day or two. When I add a new movie to OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox, FireCore fails to grab the correct metadata and I am left with only the generic file that the movie was originally encoded with. I always rename films correctly including the year (in brackets) before uploading and up until yesterday, that worked fine for months. Now I have to go into FireCore and manually edit the metadata in order for the film to appear correctly in my library. I have no idea why this has happened.

Anyone any ideas?

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Can you check to ensure the ‘Metadata Fetching’ option is enabled in Settings > General?

If this is disabled you can still use the Edit option to find matches manually, but when enabled the matching will happen automatically.

It is enabled. I’ve never been into settings and changed anything from the defaults.

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Can you provide a filename or two you are having trouble with?

You mean the name of a movie?

Actually, if you can post the exact filename that would be helpful.

You can view the filename Infuse is seeing by tapping the Edit option (some UPnP/DLNA devices will actually modify the filename which can affect matching accuracy).

I have two files uploaded, both with an mp4 extension.

Passenger 57 (1992) and Unfaithful (2002). They are the exact file names.

James, I uploaded a couple more things and it seems okay now. I did reboot the iPad so maybe that did the trick.

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the library is very poor

Can you provide a bit more info about the issue you are running into?

library can not be updated

main screen image changed

It sounds like you may have been affected by the recent iCloud issue.

To get back on track I’d recommend following the steps found in the first post here.