Cannot find metadata for a TVDB entry, Alice (1988)


I have Alice (1988).mkv in my Infuse library and this film is listed in TVDB:

The default metadata Infuse chose for it was Alice in Wonderland (1988):

When I try to edit the metadata, the correct TVDB entry does not show up in the search results. I can easily find the entry on by searching for Alice 1988, but the same query returns no search results within Infuse.

I am aware that I can set custom metadata by adding an XML file, but I prefer the integrated database. Why doesn’t the correct entry show up in Infuse metadata search and how can I find it?

Thank you in advance.

For movies, infuse uses TMDb. In this case Alice is the second in the list for 1988. You can manually edit metadata through infuse and select the one you want.

Infuse uses The Movie database for movies here is the one your looking for I think.

You can either do a manual edit on the metadata and select the right one or change the file name to the original name which is “neco z alenky 1988.mkv” which also works.

Thanks, this trick easily solves my issue. Naming files with the original language definitely helps with disambiguation.

Thanks! I did try manually editing metadata, but infuse doesn’t seem to offer any search syntax for narrowing down the results (like Alice y: 1988 in your screenshot), so searching for Alice doesn’t return the entry I’m looking for. I renamed the file to its original Czech title and now it works.

I think if you started with “Alice (1988)” in the file name then tried to edit it might find it. Otherwise you would get all Alice movies and there are a lot!

This was exactly what I did before posting here for help. I named the file Alice (1988).mkv but still couldn’t find the correct entry when manually editing metadata in Infuse. Apparently there’re a lot of Alice movies, yeah :sweat_smile:

With the movie named “Alice 1988.mkv” as munpip214 said, and you long press on it to do a metadata search the correct choice in the forth one down in the list at Aug 3, 1988.

Thanks for your patience and extensive testing. I changed the file name back to Alice 1988.mkv but still couldn’t find the entry.

are you doing a long press on the movie itself or are you searching from the infuse home screen?

I had zero idea these two methods return different results. I have always used the Edit Metadata feature from the Infuse home screen, and when I tried doing the search on the file itself for the first time just now I finally got the same search results as your screenshot, including the entry I needed.

I find it confusing that the Edit Metadata feature works differently in the Library tab and the Files tab, so thanks for pointing it out. I would never have found out otherwise.

I don’t use the iOS version much at all. What are you pressing on the home screen to get to the search you’re using?

This is how I had been doing it:

Your search screen doesn’t show the year after “Alice” at the very top. Are you sure you had the 1988 in the file? I just duplicated your search with a file named “Alice 1988.mkv” and it showed the same list as I got on the ATV.

I noticed this as well but I did have 1988 in the file name. My observation is that the film title is displayed at the top when editing metadata in the Library tab:

While the file name is displayed when editing in the Files tab:

I also tried toggling Settings > General > Show Filenames on and off, but this toggle doesn’t seem to affect the fact that the file name won’t be displayed at the top when editing metadata in the Library tab.

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That is bizarre. That’s not what I’d expect either. Maybe @james will spot this and chime in.

One would think that the edit metadata option would be the same everywhere.

Thanks for sticking this one out! At least ya got the right metadata info now even if it was in a round about way… :wink:

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Exactly, this is what I had always assumed.

Thanks again for helping me find the Alice I need :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ok, curiosity got the best of me. I just checked and the ATV version does not do it the same as ios. It correctly has the full file name in the search while in the library. That may be a clue for @james to figure out what’s going on in the iOS version.

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