Cannot fetch TV metadata from TVDB in China mainland

It seems that TVDB is blocked again in China mainland.
I can’t access to through browsers.
Could you please help me?
Maybe you can use TMDB instead of TVDB for users in China. (TMDB is always ok since I could fetch movie metadata).

Sorry for my poor English and thanks!

What version of Infuse are you using?

thanks for your reply!
Infuse pro 6.3.1 (2950)

I don’t think you’ve been able to access thetvdb for a while with a web browser, Infuse uses a different method of fetching metadata and has been working even when you couldn’t access them with the web browser. Have you tried restarting your ATV?

Just tried. But it doesn’t work.
I had even reinstalled the app but the problem still exists.

Have the same problem as well. Unless I set a VPN for my router. However all the vpn services can not severed well recently. In that case, all my tv shows can’t fetch the metadata at all.

There were a few issues with TheTVDB towards the end of last week, but we think things are back to normal now.

Can you try restarting your Apple TV, and see if things are working in Infuse?

Note: You may need to use the Edit option in Infuse to refresh info for a series.

Hi James,
Sorry for the late reply.
I have tried several times restarting my Apple TV, but it didn’t work at all.
Also I have used the Edit option to refresh info, but I got nothing.

If this problem is quite strange and not common, please forget it. I will use VPN.

Anyway, thanks!

Same here, can not access the TVDB via Infuse pro. I think it is better for Infuse pro to give a choice to retrieve the metadata from TMDB. The website of TMDB is much better than TVDB.

We’ve released a few fixes here, and TVDB fetching should now be working in China.

Hi James, I ran into the same issue when using Infuse Pro 5.9.6 (2484) on Apple TV in China, failing to fetch Metadata since Feb. I also tried Infuse 6.3.3 (2982) (the free version, not pro) on iPad yesterday, but it can fetch Metadata successfully on the same network. It seems not a network issue in this case. I’m wondering is there any update for Infuse 5 to fix this issue, thanks.

It works!
Thanks a lot.

@vincent: The latest inFuse 6 has special support for sites (e.g. China) that are being blocked at the ISP level. I very much doubt the same fix will ever be applied to v5 as it is no longer being developed.

Thanks the reply, that’s fair enough.

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