Cannot edit metadata when there's already nfo file existed with the video file

It’s almost driving me crazy on this feature. The new added movies always got no metadata pulled, random screenshot has been used as coverpage. It’s urgly.

One of the main reason for me to use Infuse Pro is because the beatiful metadata organizing. But has to say, it’s very buggy. I reported the issue once before, by email, and was told to turn on “Auto download metadata” and turn off “Use embed metadata”. Yeah, I did that as I were told. And then the issue was fixed. For those moves without metadata, I can manually edit and select correct item for them.

But few days later, till now, the issue is back. I cannot manual pick metadata again… and I haven’t touched those two switches. Manual select a matched metadata doesn’t work, after an item has been selected, no changes will be made on the movie.

I am using both the latest App Store version and Testflight version. Same issue.

I am using Emby to manage those movies as well, embed metadata will be generated by emby. Somehow, I did disabled “Use embed metadata”, so I think that shouldn’t be an issue.

Just a guess, but it sounds like you’re getting conflicts between the released version and the beta version. You may want to recheck that the embedded metadata option is off.
Otherwise you may want to stick with the release version and delete the betas.

Sure, let me try to delete the beta version and check again. Maybe you are right, I just checked the new release description of beta app, it said there’s a brand new image cache for artwork introduced. Maybe that’s the issue. Thanks.

I don’t know for sure but you may have to delete your iCloud sync also but I’m not sure. It may be goofy too.

I just deleted the beta version, and then clear ALL metadata in released version. Then starting to refetch, and also turned off iCloud Sync. But still, for those three new movies, I cannot manual select metadata for them…

Could you provide the file names?

Yeah, will do, once it’s done with refetching all metadata, I will manual edit metadata and then send a feedback from the app.

The problem is not about metadata cannot be fetched from internet. When I try to edit the inmformation, I can see the correct record was pulled, but after I selected it, nothing just happened, metadata stayed no change.

I don’t have any way of seeing the diagnostics from when you send in a report.

When you are viewing the metadata, for those files do you by any chance see the word “Local Metadata” on the screen anywhere? Just a wild thought.

I think I have pinned the issue. That’s nfo file existed in the folder, if I removed that nfo file, the metadata picked from infuse will be saved. When I do editing the metadata for that movie, I can see several options, including: Use embed metadata, the nfo filename, and the correct movie title retrieved by infuse. The problem is, if the nfo file existed in the folder, even if I pick the correct movie title retrieved by infuse, the metadata won’t be able to be saved. But if I deleted that nfo file, the metadata selected will work.

Samething happened on the cover image, that’s one poster image existed in the folder, and infuse will always use that image as cover image. Manual pick a fetched title won’t work. But if I deleted that image file, then manual pick the title, the cover image will be changed.

I think, if I disabled the use embed metadata feature, and allowing the auto fetching metadata, when I hand pick a fetched metadata, it should be saved anyway.

There is a difference between Embedded and Local. Embedded is actually contained in the video file while Local are files in the same directory as the video but not part of the actual video file.

If you have local metadata, Infuse will treat it as you have put it there because you want to use it. If you don’t want the local files to be used then remove them.

As soon as the cause has been nailed and there’s workaround, I should be fine. Thanks for your help. I have also edited the title of this thread to be more precise.

Not sure there will be a workaround other than to remove any nfo files you don’t want to use. Why would you want to have an nfo file that is not the data you want displayed? Just trying to understand. :slight_smile:

My workaround is just to remove that NFO file :slight_smile:

Actually, I didn’t created those NFO files, guess EMBY did that, I have both Shield and FireTV Stick in my home setup, so I am using EMBY to setup a media server so that it can serve KODI client on those android boxes. I have selected to save metadata in NFO file in EMBY, not sure if this is why but I will watch. I have disable that feature to see if that’s still issue in future movies.