Cannot download ATV image

Hi there,

just bought ATV Flash 3.6.3. I try to create a Patchstick and get the following error message:

“An error occurred while downloading the update file. latest 1252363194611.dmg (Permission denied)”

I’m using ATV 2.4 and Snow Leopard. Also an Imation 4G USB flash drive.

thanks a lot for any help.


You can download it here manually:

You also may want to check the application is being ran from the Applications folder, and not the downloaded disk image.

Same problem with the 3.6.4 version. Is there a download link?

I put the link to the DMG above.

Same Problem for me with v 4.0. Can you post a download link for that please?

Here is the link for AppleTV software 3.0:

This seems to be a perpetual problem.

I just downloaded ATVFlash v4.0.3 with ATV 3.0.1.

I get the same error: “…error occured while downloading the update file.
/Users/X/Downloads/latest1262141752338.dmg (Not a directory)”

Help appreciated.


Here is the link for AppleTV software 3.0:[/quote]

Is this the latest download for AppleTV v3.x or is there an updated download link? Thanks



What is this file that ATVFlash just downloaded:?


Same file…just renamed.