Cannot downgrade to 4.3

I’ve been trying for hours to downgrade to 4.3 but having no luck. Have created the IPSW with SP but any time I go into iTunes are attempt a restore I get an unknown error 20. Tried using tinyumbrella and changed my hosts file to reflect the settings, removed it etc etc - but nothing! :frowning:

Anyone any foolproof guide to this?

You forgot an import part. Before you click restore you have to put your apple tv in to DFU mode. Use ireb v4 from ih8sn0w and follow the instructions. You wont get that errror anymore.

Tried using iReb but no luck - get into DFU mode but then still get error 20 in iTunes. I have just done a tethered boot for now so I have something - I’ll just have to start the laptop up whenever I need to restart it! Hopefully I can just leave it switched on and it won’t crash/memory leak etc.

With a bit of luck the 4.4.4 untethered will be out soon! :slight_smile: