Cannot delete remote file via SMB on Windows

Hi all,
I just want to clarify I can delete remote files (and folders) if my configuration is properly done.

My environment looks like below.

infuse 7.5.6 on iPad (File Management option ON)
SMB Auto
Windows 11

I can watch my movies properly (and nicely), however, if I long-press on movie icon, select Delete, then Video and Related Files (or Video Files Only) Deleting ‘the file name’ An error occurred - Close dialog box appeared.

If my memory is correct, I could delete files in a few months ago.
I might change some settings on my Windows or infuse…

I’ve already spent a few days to fix this issue.
So, I want you clarify the file deletion via SMB with Windows environment is still supported or not.

Thanks in advance,


After posting the question, I remembered that I created a BAT file to make the movie folder to get shared automatically. (I won’t share the folder permanently so kick the BAT file if necessary.)
In the BAT file, I didn’t specify /GRANT option for the Net Share command. And this is the reason the access permission wasn’t properly set.


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