Cannot create Patchstick 3.6

I am not able to create the patchstick. The first time i ran the file it asks for a file, the .dmg, and i closed out of the window but it created the patchstick; I wasn’t sure how reliable the stick would be so i wanted to retry to make the patchstick and now it won’t let me. It says my version is out of date or i don’t have connection to the internet. I do have internet and i am wondering if this is some kind o limit on how many times you can run the software. I have never ran it more than once so i am not familiar if this is a common issue.


There is no limit to how many times you can run the program. I’d say download the file again from the Fire Core and try it again.

I have downloaded the file 3 times, deleted original and tried installing again… no luck.
I tried looking for hidden files but still no good.
I tried deleting everything, emptying trash, then rebooting (tho usually pointless for a Mac) and still no good.
I have tried everything i can think of.

The program will open and sit at the drive selection menu but will not allow you to hit start, it is disabled.

I know i’m not incompetent, this is the first version i have had this issue with, a little frustrating. Can’t wait to find out what is causing this.

Problem seems to have been caused by Little Snitch.
I allowed the program to have internet access but for some reason it still wouldn’t work.
By disabling the network filter I was able to get this working.

Hope this will help some.

I used to use Little Snitch, but it just got annoying over time. Thanks for the info.