Cannot copy files to aTV using Cyberduck / Fugu

I’ve successfully used aTV Flash (v 3.6.1) to update my aTV (running 2.4) and installed NitoTV and the other extras.

When I try and use Cyberduck to copy files over, I can see the folders on the aTV, but when I try and copy something across, I get a message that “The item “xxxxxx” could not be moved because “frontrow@appletv.local/21” cannot be modified”.

Have I missed something or anyone got any suggestions for resolving this issue?


You might have found something. Fugu is not working for me either, I wonder if SFTP somehow got turned off. I can SSH from the Terminal but not SFTP from Fugu. I’m sure we’ll find a fix for it soon.

Any update on this or ETA for a fix?


Still can’t get this to work with either 3.6.2 or 3.6.3 updates. Anyone else with the same problem?

Sorry for not getting back to you, let me check it out after I update to 3.6.3.

Where on the AppleTV are you attempting to transfer files to?

Hi there,

Cyberduck / Fugu will not let me write to anywhere on the AppleTV hard drive. Looking at the ‘home’ folder for frontrow@appletv.local/21 there is a read only icon (pencil with line through it) in the bottom left corner and on it’s the same for every sub folder of that window.