Cannot control Airplay volume if Infuse is the first app used

Hi all,

I cannot control the volume from Infuse through Airplay if Infuse is the first app I use when I start the Apple TV.
My Apple TV is always playing sound through Airplay. It stays connected to my Airplay Speaker (Sonos one) at every start.
However, when I use Infuse in first, the Airplay speaker works but I cannot not adjust the volume with the Siri remote.
I have to switch to another app like the music app, adjust the volume, then go back to Infuse and now I can control the volume.

Maybe a bug to solve in a future update?

Thank you!

This is something we’ve resolved for the upcoming 5.9.1 update which is due out within the next few days.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

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