Cannot connect to \\server\share

Running Firecore \ Infuse on ATV2. Trying to access share on Windows 10 computer.

Infuse sees the server (named Server) but endlessly scans the server. Never stops. I think because the server contains a lot of different files (docs and such). The server has a specific share named \server\TV. How can I tell Infuse to connect to that specific share?

In the setup, there’s a field for “Server” and “Name”. I try putting \server\tv in either of these fields and neither works.
Is there some magic syntax I need to use?

Figured it out. You have to put server/tv in the server field, not \server\TV. Note to Firecore and Infuse: If you really want your product to be as easy to use as you claim it it, you need to do a better job of documenting it. This sort of non-obvious esoteric detail causes huge frustration and could be avoided by adding a few notes to the documentation. Another suggestion: test the documentation out on a typical user. Where do they get stuck? Fix that step.