Cannot connect to QNAP 451+ wired ATV4k

Hello. I have a QNAP 451+ wired to my network and an ATV4K.

On infuse with both wired and wireless connections can see my NAS. If I am wireless I can add the NAS and connect to the share and browse or watch media files.

Wired, I can see the NAS but cannot connect to the share beyond entering credentials.

I tried to force SMB 2 on both the NAS and ATV but that didnt fix it.

Running infuse pro 5.7.1. Connecting to the share through name.local. Also, when Im wireless I can see the NAS listed by both its name and IP address automatically. For wired I just see the NAS name.

Any thoughts?

Did you try the other SMB choices on ATV? Several users have found that “Legacy” works best for their particular setup. Mine seems to be happiest on “Auto” but with 1, 2, 3, and Legacy available you can try them all.

I will try this. I have tried to force SMB 2 on both the NAS and ATV. I didnt try legacy or others on ATV but will do that next. On wireless auto works fine.


I also wonder if you may have a cable issue too. If you have some spare cables you might want to do a quick plug and check.

So i tried all SMB modes no luck. The cable has to be good because I used it stream 4k from itunes wired and it worked fine. Any other thoughts?

this has been solved. i moved around the way my devices were connected to the switch and it just started working. not really sure the issue… but thanks =)

Super! Just be on the lookout for a shaky connector on either a cable or the switch itself that may cause intermittent issues. Those are the WORST problems to troubleshoot. If it starts again, make notes on which port on the switch you are using and go to new cables just to help narrow it down.

I have the 451+ as well as the ATV 4k wired. Never had any of those issues.

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