Cannot connect to my SMB server

The new Infuse on my AppleTV [ip address] has lost the ability to connect to my Mac Mini server via SMB. The previous version worked just fine.

My server shows up in the list (via “hostname.local”) under the “Add Share” menu. When I put the username and password in, and click SAVE, it takes a few seconds and then produces an error:

“An error occurred. The operation could not be completed. [Close]”

When I look at the system log on my Mac Mini, I get:

Nov 23 16:46:19 smbd[32406]: SMB client not supported - Unicode strings are required

Anyone else having trouble connecting to SMB shares?

I have the exact same problem with Infuse Pro 5 on AppleTV & Mac OS X 10.9.5.

  • Infuse tell “An error occurred. The operation could not be completed. [Close]”
  • smbd tell “SMB client not supported - Unicode strings are required” in logs.

Did you find any workaround ?

We haven’t seen this issue locally, but one user who was reported this in the past said he was able to connect by adding the share name to the address field (the share name being the name of the folder/drive as it appears in the ‘Shared Folders’ list on your Mac).

E.G. Home.local/Sharename

Hi James,

Thank you very much for your reply. Indeed, using “host/share-name” do the trick, it work perfectly.

Anyway, some contextual information about the original problem :

  • It happens only when I try to access sharing hosted on my MacMini server with MacOS X 10.9.5 Server. The problem doesn’t appear if I try to access sharing hosted by my MacOS X 10.12.2 Client.
  • My MacOS 10.12.2 seem to be able to mount my MacOS X 10.9.5 sharing without any problem.

So I suppose there is some specific wrong behavior with old version of smbd. Even if the workaround work perfectly, if you want me to try some stuff to help you to fix the underlaying problem, I can (even to test direct some sample project - I can compile them, I have a full-developer account).

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Great! :smiley:

We’ll take another look at things and see if we can track down what might be going on. I don’t recall if we tested this on that version of OS X Server specifically. Also, the upcoming 5.2 version of Infuse will include an option for NFS, which may also be an option for you.

Thanks for posting the solution! The hostname\SHARE recipe works great. —michael

I have a similar error. I’m using Infuse Pro 5.1 on my Apple TV4 and I’m trying to connect to my iMac. I can select my iMac from the Share menu. However, when I click the Save button I get an error message stating that the user name and password are wrong. Which is strange because I didn’t enter a username and password and I have it set up on my iMac that Everyone has Read Only access.