Cannot connect to iTunes

Hello all,


JB'ed and installed Flash Black yesterday.

XBMC etc. all working perfectly.

What's not working at all, are the standard features...

I can play songs off my MBP on the ATV2.

But nothing/nada/zip else.


It keeps on telling me I have not purchased any songs. No library reflects under the Computer's tab. So basically - my MBP can find the ATV, in order to utilise Airplay - but Homesharing is simply not happening...


Any suggestions? Super frustrating... 


What does a “reset” do, as opposed to a “restart”? Will the former wipe/break my JB - or is it worth a try, to see if that fixes things?

Have you actually entered your iTunes log in details on the ATV2?


Have you actually entered your iTunes log in details on the ATV2?



Hi itimpi,


Appreciate the reply. 

I have signed in, and signed-out - and back in again - several times already. Things are behaving a bit strangely, to be honest.

Last night, for the first time, I had a look at the Photo Stream - and it started pulling photos in. Fired it up this morning again, and it's started loading them again. Also received an automated email from Apple, confirming that a ATV2 had signed into my iCloud account, which is obviously a good sign (and true).

But nothing is displayed in my Songs tab. I do recall a message flashing up the first time I went in, saying it was synching. I might have interrupted that, by jumping out (I presumed it went on in the background - appears not to?) - and since then, nothing. 

ALSO cannot get access to my HomeSharing library. As mentioned, I can Airplay from iPad/iPhone/iTunes TO the ATV - but it's not picking up the library. Signed in an out, reset and restarted Homesharing - nothing.


This is why I'm curious as to what a RESET on the ATV2 does... Should I try it? Or will it kill the JB?


Managed to get iTunes working. 

Signed out and deleted all my account settings - did the same with my WiFi.

Restarted - did everything again - and it took.

Homesharing is still proving problematic - but will see what I can get right by jiggling around with Sign In/Sign Out...