Cannot connect from apple tv 4k to imac (os 10.13.6)

Getting the error message ‘Your username and password combination isn’t right. Please try again’

Which username and password should I be using? The ones on the Imac, the ones on the apple tv(apple id) or the ones used to login to the firecore website?

I’ve tried a combination of them all and still getting the same error message.

If I can get this to work and it works well then I will upgrade to the paid version.

Thanks for your help.

Welcome to the forum!

You’ll need to set up a user in the iMac System Prefs and give that user permissions for where your videos are kept. You will also have to select that location and set it as shared.
Then using that new user and password you should be able to log in from Infuse to the file location.

Thanks a lot. Got it working. It was one final checkbox that I didn’t check. Working perfectly and signed up to pro.

Glad you got it working! Enjoy :slight_smile:

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