Cannot choose different OneDrive account when adding OneDrive share

When adding a OneDrive account, if you have already added one from the same device, you can only choose to:

  • authorize access
  • refuse access
    for Infuse to the OneDrive account you previously added.
    There is no pôssibility to log off OneDrive or log in with a different account.

Logging off the Microsoft account in Safari did not help.
So it looks like there is a cookie that Infuse’s internal http browser uses and keeps the OneDrive login alive, which in this case is a bad idea.

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The best way to handle multiple OneDrive accounts is to select one main account, and then simply share content from the other accounts with this main account.

Doing this will allow you to access all your content via a single account.

Yes. Except that does not work with my workflow.

I used to be able to add different OneDrive accounts to Infuse without problem.
I still can, but I need one iOS device for each OneDrive account I want to add, which is a bit expensive. :slight_smile:

What also works is to delete Infuse , re-install Infuse, and then I can choose a OneDrive account.
A real PITA, but it is still workable.

Since there is the possibility to add several OneDrive accounts, it makes zero sense to haver to add the same account each time.