Cannot cast 5.1 sound - Infuse 6 Pro

I have used Infuse Pro for a long time, and mostly use Infuse to view content with 5.1 audio.
I haven’t had any problems until now, now I’ve switched from Apple TV 4th gen to Chromecast. And I can’t get 5.1 audio to work through Infuse. It does a stereo downmix.

I’ve tried different encodings AAC and AC3, nothing works.
If I play trailers from Google Play, they are with 5.1 audio.
So that’s an issue with Infuse Pro, I think.

I hope someone can help?

Update: I have tested and it works perfectly with Plex. Maybe it’s time to change. :frowning:

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5.1 audio is not currently available when using Google Cast, but this will be added in an upcoming version.

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I still can’t output 5.1 using chrome cast in Infuse 7
I tried through HDMI from my iPad Pro in the meantime without success either