Cannot be used after subscription

Ending up re-subscribing to a new yearly plan and App Store automatically refund me for the remaining period of the original subscription.

Not sure how this happens. Why there are two identical sets of subscriptions? My original subscription was placed as upper $9.99.


Many people have the same problem. Is there no solution?Is our money spent for nothing?

Don’t keep saying sorry, we have to solve the problem first

@james @NC_Bullseye @munpip214 Is there anyone to solve the problem?

How many people are really having this problem? Only 3 have said so in this thread. I logged out of all my devices and uninstalled the apps to test. Upon installing and clicking restore I haven’t had any issues. Lifetime subscription, same ID and country.

You can search for historical problems, not in this problem

Alas, I have cancelled my annual subscription. After so many days, no one has come to help me solve the problem

Are there any developers here?Can you cancel my subscription temporarily and reopen it for me

Unfortunately, developers don’t have the ability to view or make adjustments to your subscription.

This can be done through App Store > Apple ID > Subscriptions. More info on this can be found here. How to cancel a subscription from Apple - Apple Support

I first opened the infuse subscription and then set up a family member sharing. Before that, the use of infuse was normal. After setting up a family member, it became unusable.Can you develop and test the software, maintain and test it, and then go online?I’m not alone in this problem. Isn’t it that the money I paid has been wasted?

If there is a problem, don’t you know to solve it first? What’s the use of opening this forum?

Is this kind of software full of bugs on-line? Just know to collect the customer’s money and don’t ask?

Three users in my post have encountered the same problem as me. What’s your solution?

Is that how efficient you are?

It sounds like maybe family sharing messed your subscriptions up. Did you try mentioning that to Apple? Also did you try disabling family sharing? Lastly did you cancel and try to resubscribe?

I contacted the apple customer service in advance. They said that the subscription was always in my account and asked me to contact the inuse developer

I’ve tried all the methods you said, but I can’t

Have you had someone in your shared family try infuse and see?

As far as I know, one of the other five people in the family wants to use my shared infuse, but he is not subscribed after downloading,the same as me

Hello, I just opened it this week and have the same problems. I use this program since 2009 and no problems until now. I don’t want to try “the fix” until proven. Please help

Did you try the steps above?

@NC_Bullseye @james @munpip214 Is there any solution?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to do much troubleshooting from this end, as Apple does not allow developers to access details about App Store accounts or purchase history.

The best thing to do would be to walk through the steps below to ensure the subscription is active and you are logged in with the correct Apple ID and the correct region is set.

  1. Delete the Infuse app
  2. Log out of the App Store
  3. Restart the device
  4. Log into the App Store (and confirm the correct App Store country is set)
  5. Check to ensure the purchase has not been hidden (how to unhide apps)
  6. Navigate to App Store > Profile > Subscriptions and ensure Infuse is listed there and active (if you want to use Family Sharing ensure the option is selected on the Infuse subscription page)
  7. Download Infuse 7 directly from the App Store (do not use TestFlight)
  8. Navigate to Infuse > Settings & tap the Restore button on the purchase prompt, if it appears

The only other thing I can think of is I remember when somebody had family sharing and another member had hid the purchase. That threw it off for the main user. Don’t remember if that was subscription or something else.

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That’s interesting. It seems like that type of thing that shouldn’t be possible, but I suppose it could definitely play a factor here.