Cannot access or find Windows Shares

I’ve been trying to use this software since version 1.6 and still now, with 2.0.1, I cannot access my computers on my network.  I have ATV2 with the firecore basic software installed and I’m trying to use the Media player to access and play my DVD/VOB files on my computer. I have two windows machines, one with XP and one with Windows 7. Both have harddrives shared and are accessible to other computers on my network. The apple TV is connecting wirelessly and seems to work as all the regular apple software can access the internet. Inside the Media player program, when I add a share, it searches for a very long time and then it found my two computers. But when I click on one of them, it just sits there and appears to be loading forever. I even turned off the computer that it was trying to connect to and the ATV continued to show the loading screen!  I have been trying this every now and then since aTV version 1.6.  I have spent quite a bit of time tonight trying to get it to work, with many resets and also confirming with my router that the ATV is getting an address and connecting.  Also, the internet works on the ATV through  apple software, but I cannot get the internet through Couch Surfer??


Thanks for any help.  I have tried to include as much info as I can, but if I missed anything let me know.


Edit:  Perhaps I was to quick to post.  It seems to be worker, just taking a very long time to ‘scan’ my computer.  Now I will have to figure out why all my movies are showing double…





Manually add it as an SMB share, use “IP/sharename” for the address eg. Where the IP is the desktop computer’s IP address and Elements is the name of the folder you have shared.

You can find your desktop’s IP by going to Start -> Run (XP) or Start -> Search box (7) then type “cmd” and mash enter until a DOS window opens. Then type “ipconfig” w/o quotes press enter and look for the IPv4 Address (it may show a few if you have both Ethernet and Wifi cards).

Thanks. I’ve got it working after a long haul!  I had quite a bit of trouble with sharing in Windows 7 which was a big part of my problem.