cannot access my Mac

Hi, first of all allow me to say that Infuse is an impressive piece of app :)

On to the question, I'm trying to stream files from my iMac (10.9.3 Mavericks), I can see my computer on the "Available Shares" option, but I keep getting the wrong username/password combination even though I've made sure I entered the correct account. I have even shared the folder for Everyone, so I should be able to connect as guest, right?

Help is greatly appreciated :)

Hello, I get this issue as well. I am sure my login, password and the address are correct.

I actaully can connect from my Apple TV's app just fine with the same login, password just not from any of my iPhones or iPads.

One thing to double-check is that SMB is enabled on the Mac.

I have the exact same issue. The connection works perfectly from the ATV2 but the moment I try to connect to the same share I get the “username and password is not correct” error.

I know the username and password are correct and SMB is turned on. I have restarted the computer, the iPad and File Sharing but still no luck. It sees the share but won’t accept the username and password combination.

Can you only have one known Infuse connection set up at a time?

Very frustrating and at this point the app is unusable to me.

Any help is greatly appreciated.