Can you stream from a HDD connected to a Time Capsule

i currently have a Apple TV 2 with Firecore on and stream wirelessly from a NAS.


I now have a Time Capsule, and am womdering instead of uaing the NAS can I connect a HDD to the USB port on the Apple Time Capsule and stream from there?

my NAS is starting to fail but I have a spare USB HDD



I have a WD Passport (USB connection) connected to my Netgear router and it works fine. iTunes 1080 content plays with no problems.

Yes that can be done.  I currently have a WD external HD connected to my TC and setup a AFP share to the aTV2.  All you will need is your user name and password to complete the AFP connection to the TC.

Likewise, I am using a Time Capsule and and all my media is on a 3tb Seagate desktop GoFlex connected to the Time Capsule.


just curious, what is the advantage to this setup?  for instance, i have a 3TB external connected via USB to my iMac.  I also have a time capsule in the other room next to the TV and apple TV.

Would there be an advantage to connecting it to my time capsule instead of my iMac?  

I can only think of a disadvantage in that I would have slower transfer to/from the external since it would be over wifi and not direct (transfer is faster going from imac to the connected harddrive since it’s via usb)

I also have a 2 TB WD HDD connected to my time capsule but my atv looses server connection.

I have the username field left blank. Would it help if I entered something here? And what should I enter?

Connecting it to the Time Capsule would give you a bit of flexibility since, in theory, the Time Capsule is always on. Performance-wise a wired connection will always give you the most reliable performance, so if your Apple TV is located next to the Time Capsule I’d recommend using an ethernet cable to connect the two, if you haven’t already.

You’ll want to use a username of ‘guest’ when connecting to the Time Capsule.

I have now tried entering “guest” as username but it still looses connection…

Any other ideas?


I have my TC setup with a “device account” instead of “manual accounts”. This may not be the ideal setup since this is a read/write account.

What is the difference between manual and device setup?