Can you retrieve files from Apple TV?

Can you retrieve files from Apple TV?

I have always been nervous about losing my itunes disk and with it all my record collection, family movies etc so I do back it up but do not do so as much as I should. If the worst did happen pretty much everything would be on my Apple TV so could I restore my itunes library somehow from there?

Just rethinking my backup plans and if Apple TV represented a RAID solution of sorts it would give me a degree of comfort.

Yes, the media on the AppleTV can be recovered by following the guide here:

Thanks, I’ll have a look at that.

I've followed the procedure for viewing the file structure of my ATV2.  I'm able to view the directories but I'm unable to locate my pictures.  Any ideas about where the files are or how to view/access them?

I'm using cyberduck as the SFTP client and I'm running software version 5.0.2 (not sure if this is important).

Any help would be great!