Can you play bumpers/videos before each video?


I have some pretty cool DTS HD, Dolby & IMAX intro’s at home. On my current Kodi box it plays a random bumper from a folder before every video, just to give that extra “cinema” feeling. Is Infuse also able to do that (on the Apple TV 4k)?

Thank you very much in advance.


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Can you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by ‘bumper’?

Is this like a preview/trailer?

Yes, it’s just a intro video file. For instance these ones : IMAX Pre-Show Trailers
Would be great if it can play a video (maybe a random one from a specific folder) for the ultra cinema-at-home experience

This add on for Kodi does something similar but the file scours a specific folder for trailers or trivia slides or Dolby/THX/20th Century Fox/Don’t Text in the theater clips to play to enhance the home theater experience.

Hello I join the Dennusb topic to know if this feature will be available some day ?

It would be very cool to start every movie with an IMAX or Dolby cinema starter to be like in theater

Thanks for all your work !!!

up ! this feature should be so great !!! thanks for your job !!