Can you look at Infuse's iCloud dump?

Forever curious I am…

Given that iCloud is utilised for Infuse sync, I was wondering can you actually see this stuff?

Could be cool to pull it out to some sorta XML and catalogue it?

iCloud data is stored securely on Apple’s servers. It can be access directly by the Infuse client for syncing, but cannot be downloaded directly by users (or by us).


Ahh, thanks for the info James.

So the devs just choose what data goes up but can’t see it after it goes but infuse apps logged into the same iCloud and pull it back down?

Pretty much, yes.

Infuse is designed to sync data to and from iCloud. This process is done directly between the app running on your device and Apple’s servers.

This data does not flow through our servers nor do we collect any other data about the items in your library.

Ahh ok, thanks for explaining, was just interested, not concerned about it from a privacy point of view but was curious as to how the process works.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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