Can you guy please fix your seasonpass 0.7.7

This new season pass cause so many crash while installing program. The 0.7.6 did not give me never crash.


With 0.7.6, it ask me to restart lowtide after installing a program. With 0.7.7, it crashes even before completing programs installation. This program is becoming more of a junkless tool now, I don’t think it is worth $50.

Can you firecore do me a favor and post the link for seasonpass 0.7.6.

What are you trying to install when the issue occurs? Do you have any other 3rd party software installed?

XBMC and media player ans some others.

The old seasonpass which was released somewhere in the day of beta5 never crashed like this. With this, whenever I installed media or xbmc or any other programs. It ask me to restart lowtied. Moreover, when I try to install xbmc over at nitoTV, the menu say it is complete, press menu to escape.


In contrast, with the new seasonpass. It does not ask me that, the atv2 just crash. I try to remove and then reinstalled xbmc through nitoTV. It says to run apt- update because something was not installed. It never gaive me this on the old seasonpass.

The Seas0nPass payload actually hasn’t changed in awhile, so most likely the issue is stemming from one of the plugins.

Plex is notorious for issues like this - do you have a version of Plex (other than the one available via the Manage Extras menu) installed?

No James, the only thing I have installed through maintance are media, nitoTv, ATV Flash. I dont use plex.

Ok, best thing to do then is submit a bug report as described here.

ok I will do that, I have submitted some logs through the menu setting. Don’t know if it was actually sent to firecore.