Can you exclude certain files?

I have all my movies displaying nicely but annoyingly it also shows the recycle bin from the NAS folder. Can I exclude this? Thanks!!

If you empty the recycle bin does it go away? When you open the recycle bin in Infuse are there videos in it?

It seems to be a feature of the NAS. Every folder has the bin folder in it. It’s where deleted stuff goes and then auto deletes after five days. If I remove the folder on the NAS it just reappears

Do you have a lot of folders or just like one or two? You can add a “favorite” to those then exclude from your library. I personally have just disable trash on my NAS so I haven’t experience that. Does is really start with @? I wonder if infuse ignores hidden files that start with “.”

I wondered that too but if it auto empties every 5 days I’m guessing you’d have to replace it after every empty.

Still curious about this…

Was just digging around a bit and depending on what brand of NAS you have you may be able to disable the recycle bin on a per shared folder basis.

At least you could disable it in your movie files so it wouldn’t show as above.

Thanks man! I found out the setting in the NAS to turn off recycling bin altogether which is great. For some reason it was still showing even after I clicked “hide” so I decided to delete it altogether.