Can You Design a Online Model for Emby Server?

Infuse is the most popular and powerful video player on Apple platform. I am so excited to use Infuse.

In the past months, the EMBY server is still not working efficiently due to Infuse was designed to download all metadata to the device, then the index and metadata can be searched and viewed on the device locally.

The design is so great for a private small media platform. But sometimes I have a big library and I hope to use EMBY for different device usage like andriod, andriod TV, PC, or Apple …

In this way, I am suggesting you to add a new Online Model ( a switch in home main manue or Folder manue is okay) for EMBY sever which will not download the metadata to the devlice. You can connect to the API directly and then I can visit the Emby server directly then fresh very quickly.
Now due to the scanning frequency of Infuse, my EMBY server is suffering a heavy pressure in every scanning which persued me to use other application to watch the video on Emby.
(I advice you to visit two applications, EMBY offical application and Filebox - play your files.)

I wish you can update and increase the experience in EMBY server.

Thank you so much.