Can you create smart playlists?


I’m running Infuse 6 Pro on Apple TV4K and using Plex shares to access my video content from NAS.

I’ve been exploring Infuse and Plex as Kodi isn’t available through the Apple app store.

I’m impressed with the aesthetics and playback of Infuse. I’ve worked out how to create standard playlists both through the Infuse app as well as in Plex and wanted to know if Infuse will offer smart playlist capabilities similar to Kodi?

I’ve searched Google on this topic for Plex and through various filters and sorting selections in the PMS you can save those as a smart playlist but it doesn’t go as far as Kodi’s offering. The other sticking point is that Plex doesn’t recognise custom genres even if included in .nfo files, whereas Infuse does.

I do miss this feature of Kodi so whether its not possible with Infuse, or a roadmap prospect I’m curious to know.


[EDIT] I’ve stumbled on the fact that while Plex doesn’t import custom genres from .nfo files you can actually create custom genres in the tags menu just by typing it in.

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