Can you control Infuse with HomePod?

Hi guys,

I am considering to buy a HomePod, that I want to connect to my Apple TV 4K.
Can you control Infuse with the HomePod (Siri)?
What I already read is that you can control the Apple TV itself, like pause music etc…
I am just wondering, if this also works in Infuse, like say “Pause Video” or “Play Video” to the HomePod (Siri) - or even more advanced commands like “Restart Episode”, “Play movie X” or “Play Season X of tv show x”?
Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Since the homepod is being discontinued I’d hold off and see what the next generation of homepod mini offers up or go with the minis to start.

I think just basic play, pause, stop, and volume for infuse. Probably what is available from airplay 2 control interface on iOS for the Apple TV.

I have a pair of Homepods connected to my Apple TV 4K. Yes, it works to a limited degree. I tried it on Infuse and Netflix and was able to pause and then restart a video. However, I could not get Siri to play a movie directly from the Infuse library or Netflix e.g. "Hey Siri play Movie X " did not work neither did “play Season 2 of Big Bang Theory”. Instead of playing the move, Siri played the movie soundtrack. Those more advanced commands can be done using the Siri implemention within the Apple TV4K accessed via the remote.

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Okay thanks. At least basic commands are working. I think Apple has to allow or implement such features.