Can you add a new "Category"?

For example “Heroic Fantasy” ?

Thanks in advance

Where are you asking for a new category? Movie genres, home screen favorite, where exactly?

What type of video would fall into this category, TV, movie, both?

Yes, I would have liked to create or find on the home screen at the same time as the “action”, “adventure”, etc. categories a “Heroic Fantasy” category.
But on reflection, I believe that this is not possible because this category does not exist at TMDB.

I would need to create a playlist or collection.

I believe you’re talking about the “genre” in library and if so I think you can use the users guide samples of nfo and xml files and add your own “Heroic Fantasy” genre to the movies you want in that group.

You can also add them as a collection or playlist as you said.

I’d go the collection/playlist route if it was me. Getting too granular in the genres gets to be too many genres to filter through to find what you’re looking for.

Yes, that’s it.
But how to change the nfo or xml files?
I only use Infuse on Iphone, Ipad and especially AppleTV.

You need to access the database for this…
I do not know how to do