Can you actually HIDE folders on AppleTV?

I tried the tips shown here and it doesn’t seem to work:

( edit: to be precise I tried adding a subfolder within one of the folders that are showing as a “Favourite” on my AppleTV (bottom row). So eg. one folder is “Mixes” and I create a subfolder within that folder, on the SSD which is connected to my Synology router. And I put a video in it just to see if it is actually ignored - but it isn’t. )

Namely I tried

  • add a “.nomedia” file inside the subfolder that I want to be ignored , both empty and with some random text in it so it wasn’t 0kb (you never know) - neither works
  • add a “extras” folder - the video inside still shows up in its parent folder

I tried rescanning , removing - and adding the Favourite again.

Does it actually work?

As for Ignore files and folders that follow one of Plex’s extra naming schemes. - what are those? The documentation could be a little more generous with actual examples?

It does for movies. Here’s the naming and file structure to have it hide extras with a movie.

Hide Extras Structure and naming

And here’s what you see when you browse to the “Test of hide folder” in Infuse.

The Extras folder is not visible.

It doesn’t work for TV shows that I know of.

How are you browsing files?

The guide primarily refers to excluding items from the Library View. If accessing directly via folders these will remain visible.

My above example is browsing via the direct folder viewing not through the Library.

Correct. The Extras folder may be the one exception.