Can we get trailers?

How soon can you add trailers to Infuse 4?


The workaround is to use the itunes store, but trailers in infuse would be great.

Dont get me wrong, but im always wondering why people need trailers. You buy a movie and then you wanna watch the trailer before watching the movie? Just curious about why that feature seem to be important for quite a lot people.

Large collections become riddled with movies you inevitably haven’t seen in years. If you’re anything like me, reading the description isn’t always enough to trigger memories. It’s not until you’re actually watching the movie when they come flooding back. Or in my case, they come flooding back as I watch the trailers on IMDb.

Thx. This make sense. I guess my collection is just too small.

It would be really great!

Or another example…


others: What we watch tonight ?
you: hmm we could watch movie A, B or C
others: sounds great…but which one ? …hmmm
you: show the trailers of A, B and C
others: OK, movie B looks interesting



I do not want to ruin the party, but Apple didn’t allow any web (Internet) browsing functionality.
I’m curious how that influences search / retrieving streams from YouTube. Thus, I’m not sure if this is even technically possible.

Probably possible, if it will seem worthwhile to FireCore.

Squire has trailers…

It will be great if Infuse too :wink:

Exactly. And also the same reason that we want the Rotten Tomatoes or MetaCritic reviews. I suppose there could be some expense there, with their APIs, but the value added is worth it!

I am running Squire and Infuse 4 Pro on Apple TV. Squire has a much better UI in general, not only the Trailer feature, but the player of Infusion is currently better.
The best about Squire is that the library is built by Plex (or a Helper) and stored in the cloud, so, you get it immediately ready to play on any device on the same network. There is a lot of improvement potential in both apps; neither is there yet to be my exclusive player.