Can we get Trailers included with movie descriptions?

Can we get Trailers included with movie descriptions?

It would really help with decisions…

Already running in the suggestions forum.

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Trailers before a film starts with a choice for in library or in theater would be nice eventually. But right now I think there are other more pressing issues, and I’d hate to see Infuse go down the road of Plex with trying to make everyone happy with every feature and turn into a mess. Right now Infuse is a godsend. I do wish I could play 3D framepacked bluray isos, however.

I think that’s a limitation of the Apple TV unfortunately

Actually, I did not mean playing trailers before the movie starts, like the Plex option. I’d hate that!

No. What I meant is when viewing a title description, to show thumbnails for the official trailers available on YouTube or Vimeo.

This way when choosing a movie with friends, one can easily show the trailer and decide based on the trailer.

Virtually every movie service has it.