Can we get any clues as to what the refreshed UI in 7 will look like?

In the Upcoming Features post there’s mention of a refreshed UI in version 7 for iOS/tvOS. Any chance we can have a gander at this, or at least some descriptions of what these changes could be? I’m just curious, really.

I know one thing I would be wishing for (perhaps too late) is whether the current “home” screen, that is tabbed between Movies, TV Shows, and Other (the main libraries), will become a unified one (a la tvOS), with options to add playlists to it. I just started using playlists and think it’s a powerful feature that has big potential (still feels like it should do more), but it’s unfortunately not possible to add playlists to the Infuse home screen on iOS, like it’s possible on tvOS.


Yes, Infuse 7 will include a unified Home Screen. This will be one place which allows for a variety of items to be ‘pinned’. These can be mixed content, and the tabs for Movies, TV Shows, and Other are going away.

The first iteration of this was added in the alpha 12 build for macOS which was released today.

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