Can two separate hard discs on my NAS show as a single folder on Infuse?

I am close to maxing out my 12TB drive on my NAS and I am therefore thinking of buying another.

However it will be really annoying if I have to display it as a different folder on Infuse on my TV which at the moment is just shown as “Movies”

Can anyone tell me?


You can make a single folder of Movies from the library and have that as a favorite on the home screen which will combine all movies of all shares. You can hide the individual share favorites and just have the one from the Library.

but how do you determine what constitutes a movie? How does it define a movie? I wouldn’t want it loading all my TV files for example

also would it work better if I fed plex into infuse?

Infuse usually goes by the file name, movies are usually “Title [release year]. ext”

Like “The Love Bug 1968.mkv”

TV shows are “Series [season/episode].ext”

Like “Chicago Med S01E01.mkv”

More on the naming is here

As to Plex, I don’t use it since Infuse does everything I need and I don’t have to run a separate server since Infuse does it all.

I would assume you have at least the TV shows and movies in separate directories on the drives so you can make only the movie directories shares if you want. Not sure why you’d not want Infuse to also handle the TV shows but it’s doable.

I want infuse to manage TV shows as well, its just that I don’t want it in the same folder as movies.

So at the moment I have two folders showing on my Home Screen and that’s all: 1. Movies and 2. Films.

When I add my second drive I want all my movies (no matter what hard drive they show up in) to be in Movies.

As long as you use the library in Infuse you should be able to do what you want.

What is the difference between Movies and Films? Just curious. :smile:

Sorry haha, 2. Should say TV!

So in total I have 3 folders on my NAS. They will be

  1. Movie file on Hard Drive 1

  2. TV folder on Hard Drive 1

  3. Movie file on Hard Drive 2

The way I want this to be presented in Infuse is that:

1 and 3 will be on one folder and 2 will be another folder, but it’s not clear to me how to do this? I need specific step by step instructions

See if this Users guide helps. It tells how to add a favorite from the Library that will show all movies and how to hide favorites of other shares so you can end up with a home screen that has “Library”, “All Movies”, and if you want it “All TV shows”.

But this doesn’t work. I need two locations to show in a single folder on Infuse. That doesn’t seem to be an option?

The Library share in Infuse doesn’t show specific favorites or folders. When you open the library favorite on the home screen it will show all of the videos regardless of their location as long as they are selected to be included in the Library.

With that in mind, you can then create a home screen favorite from any of the Library sorts such as “All Movies” and it will then show all movies combined in that favorite regardless of different physical locations.

Yes but that’s not what I am asking for. I am asking to effectively create a home page folder that then points to more than one drive.

I have one favorite/folder on my home screen that shows movies from 4 hard drives attached to 2 servers doing what I discussed above.

I don’t understand what you’re asking for that is different than this.

If you have a single folder how do you tell what is and isn’t contained within it?

I have tv and other home videos etc that I wouldn’t want shown in the general file