Can this be done??

I have a apple tv2 at home on 4.4.4 jailbroken already, I have another atv2 but it’s updated to the new 5 software. Is there any way to use the jailbroken blobs to downgrade the other atv2 to 4.4.4? I’m kinda new to this so any info in really appreciated!


no, every blob is unique - if you try its possible that brick your device

Damn, hope the new JB isn’t too far away!

Till xmas definitely:)


Are you serious?? Wow, didn’t know it would be that far away!

‘‘till’’  means coud be after 2 days, after 2 weeks, but but no longer as till xmas. Just joking mate  :wink: Actually you can have a look inside of ATV3  while you’re waiting :) :slight_smile: