Can the Full Screen Auto Scrolling Library Images be Overridden?

Once again I’m messing with a TV series, and I just noticed the full screen (2/3) horizontally scrolling images don’t change when I add a <poster.jpg> image to the same folder containing the seasons. Everything else is overridden as it should be. Can they be overridden or do they always use TMDB default images?

EDIT: I see the images are overridden in Movies, so I must be doing something wrong.

I tried <season-all-poster.jpg>, but that doesn’t help. <Folder.jpg> works the same as <poster.jpg>. I’ve refreshed metadata multiple times and cleared all metadata. This is the first time I’ve changed the poster to a TV series, so I thought I’d ask.

Running 7.6 off a Synology NAS.

The local background images you are talking about (landscape images in 16x9 aspect ratio) should be named “fanart.jpg” when used in TV series root folders (or “Movie Title (2023)-fanart.jpg” when used to override the background art of movie media files) … but Infuse does not yet support custom TV series backgrounds on a per-season level.

You can only override the series-level background art. Fanart images placed in the Season ## subfolders will not be recognized by Infuse.

You can add your support to this suggestion thread in an attempt to encourage Firecore to implement this planned feature sooner.

It’s worth noting that TMDB still does not identify background images with per-season precision, so Infuse would have no native source for such content — and given that, this feature would only be useful to the small percentage of users who would like to customize these images on their own, manually.

[ Poster.jpg and/or Folder.jpg (for TV series media) and “Movie Title (2023)-poster.jpg” (for movie media) images should be portrait images at a 2x3 aspect ratio. ]

I may not have adequately described my issue. I’m talking about the images (portrait sized) that automatically scroll across the screen when you click on “Library” and then scroll down (past “Playlists”, “Collections” onto “Movies” or “TV Shows”) but don’t click. The right third of the screen is where your options are, and the left 2/3 of the screen auto scrolls the image file across the screen.

These are “Posters” downloaded from “Posters” under Media on TMDB. When I change a Movie poster, it changes the scrolling images when I highlight but don’t click on “Movies” in Library. It also of course changes the movie poster when viewing “All Movies”.

But the change is not taking effect when I add poster.jpg to the root series folder, as I’m assuming it would. The poster changes in TV Shows favorite as expected, but not in the horizontal scrolling images, as it does in Movies.

I’m not talking about fanart, which TMDB calls “Backdrops”. You showed me how to use them before, with Mad Men. :rofl: Now I want to change the season poster for Sons of Anarchy, from the default to the second choice on TMDB. It works but is not changed in the auto scrolling images referenced above. I still have that hideous skull on his back pic.

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Apologies. I almost never encounter that aspect of Infuse in my normal use of the software, which likely led to my misunderstanding.

If the poster images are updating elsewhere in the library, but aren’t updating in that location, and don’t update even after a user selects “refresh metadata” or “scan for changes”, I’d perhaps suspect that might be an area Firecore could improve. Sorry I’m unable to offer a solution. :man_shrugging:t2:

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No apology necessary. You’ve helped me, once again, with your reply. Now I can go to bed. It’s not my problem anymore.

I read another somewhat similar thread that you were a part of, and the issue simply went away after one more (yet again) refresh. Or maybe this is something new in 7.6 that James might want to look into. Thanks again.

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Firecore, is what I am attempting (and expected results) possible? That is, adding a <poster.jpg> image to the root series folder to change the auto scrolling image in Library>TVshows? Like in Library>Movies where adding a jpg (different naming convention) works as expected?

Has anyone else had success?
Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 10.32.16 PM