Can the duration of a movie be displayed as hours and minutes instead of just minutes?

Hi there,
Is there some way to make the run time of the movie be displayed as hours and minutes instead of just minutes?

98 min
is hard to parse...
1h 38m
is so much better and it takes up the same number of character :-)

I tried setting it in the .nfo file but it looks like the file itself is scanned for the duration.




:point_up:Good idea. More human readable too.

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I’m going to add my +1 to this. Not just on movies either, any video over 59 minutes should display hours and minutes.

Sure would be easier to see hours and minutes instead of just minutes.


+1 I also agree. Any movies over 59 minutes should be displayed in hours and minutes. Reading it in military format isn’t always practical just like if you prefer to set your watch or clock in 24 hour vs 12 hour format.

If you changing how length display, can you also add option to see at what time video will end. iTunes videos on ATV have this nice feature, where on double tap on track bar status line instead of length of the move (total length 97 min, you are at 36 min) show at what time movie will end (current time of the system+length of the movie that left to go).

This is a small feature that might come really useful in specific cases, when you need to know when your video will end.

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Having the option to switch between the format would also be a nice feature to have.

While they are at it. Would be nice to show moving end time like on Kodi. Ex: movie start playing at 9pm will end at 10:56pm



Plex app does that too



This has been added in Infuse 6.0, which will be available later this month. :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks James.

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