Can the Apple TV 4k play 4K remux file with high bitrate?


I’m just trying Infuse and native Plex client with a 4K remux file I just made. This mkv have a bitrate of 52 mpbs with some peaks at 109 mbps. When playing this file on my Apple tv 4k, the framerate looks like it’s 15fps.

When playing on my Shield, contant 24fps.

So, Apple tv 4k not powerful enough or there is something else ?


I’ll need to do more tests but it seems setting chroma to 4:2:0 instead of 4:4 make things way better.

It all comes down to the protocol and connection. I’m able to do very high bitrate so long as it’s being served up by plex.

Ok everything seems perfect now. IDK what happened.

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