Can’t watch anything

I can’t watch any video from google drive. I’m getting error in all my devices, also a friend has my google account and has same error. This happens like 2 times per weeks. I do not know why. What can I do,if something?


I don’t know why I can’t watch my movies or tv show. I’m having this problem with google drive in infuse, it last like 2 days and then it’s fixed for another 2 days or something like that but I can watch the movies and videos directly in my google account.

Any way to fix this?


I also encountered the same problem. If I don’t use infuse, there will be no problem at all, but once I connect to infuse, my google account will get an error, indicating that the download limit has been exceeded. This is simply a misjudgment caused by the software.

Do you also share your G Drive with a friend or someone else?

This google account has been accessed by 6 users at the same time for more than 3 years
This problem only happened recently. Yes, one of my movies is over 20G

Same here, I share folders with 5 friends but this problem started like 8 months ago.

In my case I can open the videos directly from my google account.