Can’t seek within certain MP4 files


I’m having a problem with certain mp4 files where I am only able to watch from the beginning and can’t seek through the file. There are no thumbnails when I drag the position of the playhead and no matter where I drag to, the video just pops straight back to the beginning. Bizarrely, when resuming the video it plays from the last position as expected though.

The files were all ripped from BluRay at 1080p. Other files ripped using the same software/settings work just as expected.

Any ideas?


Adi :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I’ve done some more testing and it behaves the same on TVOS as it does on iOS. Other players (eg VLC) are able to let you move to any point in the videos and playback without problems, so it’s just an Infuse issue :frowning:

Is this affecting all files, or just a few?

Would you be able to upload a sample we could review here?

Sample uploaded thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry - failed to answer your question from above. The problem only affects some files. I’ve a lot of files ripped by the same software (DVDFab) and the majority of them work just fine, so I’m not sure why others don’t. As mentioned the issue I’m having seems confined to Infuse and doesn’t affect VLC or FileBrowser for example.

We’re looking into a few reports of this, and it seems to affect some files created in newer versions of DVDFab.

Thanks for the update :slight_smile: Hopefully something that can be sorted easily!

Any update on this? Still having the same issue :frowning:
Adi :slight_smile:

Any update on this please? Sorry to be a pain, but I hate having to use VLC!

Just to confirm, are you using the newest version of Infuse?

Yes, the latest versions of infuse on iOS and tvOS still have the problem :worried: